Bush_shocked_1 "Mr. President we have some news.  Very shocking news.  The Houston Astros were swept in the World Series.  It confirms that your home state of Texas simply – for lack of a better word – stinks in baseball.  Sir?  Sir?!  Mr. President?  Can we get some help over here!  Same thing happened to his father…he’s still refusing to leave the stadium."

When you play not to lose, guess what happens?  Yep.  Curious, why is Lidge in the game in the 8th inning?  Of a 0-0 game?  To face the top of the White Sox lineup?  After pitching a tough 1.1 innings last night?  He’s there because if you’re going to lose, you better lose with your horse on the mound.  And Garner was ready to lose. 

CongratulationsOzzie_guillen Ozzie Guillen and the Chicago White Sox for a brilliant season.  To go through the postseason with only one loss is an incredible feat; particularly when along the way, they eliminated the ’02 WS champs and the ’04 WS champs.  Congratulations Ozzie on your fearless managing.  I only hope your tactics and strategies are the beginning of a trend that future managers will emulate and not one the rest of the league considers a fluke.  When Sciosia did it three years ago, he was considered a genius.  Not only did you defeat Sciosia and the Angels in 5, but you surpassed anything he did by sweeping the World Series. 

This wasn’t a fluke.  It wasn’t luck.  The White Sox were a good team made great by the brilliance of one man.  Ozzie Guillen.    Congratulations.

So long Astros.  Thank you for showing us the true meaning of a Wild Card team.  You should’ve never been in the playoffs…but you backdoored your way in thanks to the Wild Card.  At least you showed your gratitude by losing the World Series to a Divisional Champion.  And by losing it the way you were supposed to…by getting swept.  Try winning the NL Central Division next year.



  1. Chris

    Wow, do you need to shut up. Ok, so we won the Wild Card? We beat St. Louis. They lost, so did the Braves. I think the WIld Card is a great idea because it allows team who may be in a dominated division, (Astros in a Cardinal Central) get into the playoffs and beat teams from other divisions. San Diego won its division with an almost .500 record. Now if you put the Astros in there, we would win 100 games. Seriously. You’ve basically been an Astro-hater from the beginning, which im cool with, but seriously, we got into the World Series fairly. We beat St. Louis. They were the Central Champs. Explain that.

  2. Eli

    You think the Wild Card is a great idea because it allowed YOUR team to get into the playoffs.

    “Astros in a Cardinal Central” Are you kidding me? So the Astros should get in because they were lucky enough to come in second in the “Cardinal Central” division? Right.

    You would never believe any of this if it had been the Astros dominating all season long, only to lose to the Wild Card Cardinals in the NLCS. Never.

    Like I said, try and win the division next year. Winning the Wild Card is nothing to brag about.

  3. Chris

    “You would never believe any of this if it had been the Astros dominating all season long, only to lose to the Wild Card Cardinals in the NLCS. Never.”
    If a team beats another team in the playoffs, regardless of its seasonal standings, it deserves to move on. If the Astros had dominated in the NL Central and were beaten by the Cardinals, I would be surprised, but then again I would understand that we were beaten fairly. If the Padres got into the playoffs, and despite their 82-80 record, beat the Cardinals and then the ‘Stros, then it wouldn’t make a difference to me. They won, they move on. It’s not: they win, but since their record was so bad during the season the other team advances… If a team wins, it goes to the next round.

    What if the Yankees would have lost a game and the Red Sox would have won the division? Does that mean the Yankees should be out of the playoffs, because they lost the division by a game, but have the same record as the AL West Champs? I bet you then, you would want the Wild Card.

    And since the Wild Card is an “inferior team”, why did the Red Sox, the Marlins, the Angels and the Astros all make the World Series, with the first three actually winning?

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