Why should I care what happens in Boston?!

Normally, I couldn’t care less that the Boston Red Sox couldn’t re-sign their GM.  Who cares?  But this whole fiasco in Beantown has given me a better appreciation for the apathy I feel towards the Red Sox.

Theo_epsteinTheo Epstein was the youngest GM in the game; and he was the youngest GM to ever win a World Series championship.  His contract was up and he asked for $1.5 million a year.  A good price, a competitive one, given his one little accomplishment; engineering the cursed Sox to their first title since 1918.  After low balling him to death, those ingrates…specifically, Larry Lucchino…finally offered Epstein what he was requesting.  And Epstein then rejected it and walked away!  The power struggle between Lucchino and Epstein finally erupted and this is the fallout, or at least the beginning of it all.  Lucchino has to be one of the biggest idiots in baseball.

You’ve been with the Red Sox organization for only a few years, as part of the new ownership group, and you’re responsible for both putting together a championship ball club and dismantling one at the same time.Larry_lucchino  How’s that for a legacy?  You couldn’t leave well enough alone?  Amazing.  For as nice of a guy as John Henry is…how does he team up with such a power hungry, controlling freak?  Easy, when John Henry bought the Boston Red Sox, he was part of a group that was also led by former San Diego Padres owner, Tom Werner.  And guess who his club president was?  Yep, good ol’ Larry.  You know, for somebody who’s supposed to be one of the great Trend Followers of all time, John Henry doesn’t seem to be following the right trends here.

Hey Larry, you couldn’t borrow a page from Theo Epstein’s book on managing and simply remain out of the spotlight?  This is after all, about the players and the fans.  Outside of George Steinbrenner, who even cares who the owners are?  Or worst, who the club presidents are?  Nobody.  But this is the same Larry Lucchino whoTheo_and_larry_1  couldn’t stay away and threw himself into the players’ celebration after the Sox won the World Series last year.   Ironically enough, seen here celebrating alongside, former Red Sox GM, Theo Epstein.  I hope you’re happy, you attention hungry fiend! 

Then there’s the concern the players themselves have.  The team captain, Jason Varitek, went public with his frustration and disappointment over the Epstein situation.  In addition, the assistant GM, Josh Byrnes, is gone.  He was hired as the GM of the Arizona Diamondbacks.  The same Arizona Diamondbacks who lost 111 games only one year ago…the same year the Red Sox won it all.  So Josh Byrnes said hello Arizona, rather than replace Epstein as the Red Sox GM.  Hmm.  Oh, and Manny still wants out…now more than ever.  And David Wells says he would like to play elsewhere next year.  And Damon sounds less and less confident that he’ll be back next year.  And remember Pedro?

Again, I shouldn’t care about what happens in Boston.  But given what’s been going on over there, it makes you think…what team is the Evil Empire again?


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