What a pathetic, pathetic team…

The Marlins should never play another game in Miami. And when they move, they should never be allowed to wear anything that resembles the current franchise. It’s pathetic. In their 13 years of existance, they won 2 World Series titles. That’s one more than the Atlanta Braves. The Braves, for crying out loud! And the Marlins did this without winning their division one time!! Unbelievable.
And now, as was the case after the ’97 Championship season, there’s a fire sale in Miami. Good players going cheap…get ’em while they’re hot. Ownership says it can’t survive in Miami without a new stadium. They knew this from the very beginning but chose to downplay it at first. Back in Feb. 2002, when owner, Jeffrey Loria, first took hold of the team, and when asked about the team’s uncertain future given the stadium question, he answered, “I’m here for the long run, I’m here for the long run and I’m here for the long run.” Now, like John Henry before him, he’s saying “No new stadium, no more Marlins.” It’s all about the here and now. Or is eight seasons considered a long run? (The lease expires after the 2010 season)

I understand the Marlins need a new stadium. Joe Robbie, Pro Player, Dolphins Stadium, or whatever it’s called nowadays, is a horrible place to watch a ball game. And South Florida can’t go 3 hours without a couple of rain showers. Didn’t the League know any of this when it gave Miami an expansion team? Didn’t anybody care about this when they signed that horrible lease back in the early 90’s? Oh wait, Wayne Huizenga, back then, owned the Marlins and the stadium. Nice. No potential conflict of interest there, right?

But where are the fans? Where are the fans sticking it out until that day when the team gets their new stadium? With as many latinos as there are in South Florida, and as crazy as they are about their beisbol…you’re telling me you can’t get a decent crowd there for every game? Sadly, no. This is the same city, that in ’91, when it hosted its first official Spring Training game between the Yankees and the Orioles, it drew a record crowd of 67,654. They drew more than 3 million during their inaugural season in ’93. Now they only show up if there are games in October. And what’s more pathetic are those Florida politicians sitting front row during the World Series. The same politicians who keep denying the ballclub a new stadium…even one that is mostly privately financed. Unbelievable.

Neither the fans or the city of Miami deserve a major league franchise.

Funny, the ’97 and the ’03 World Series are more known for the team that lost than for the team that won. Interesting.


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